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Intrepid In-Booth Presentations at ATD 2019

We've Got a Great Line-Up of Presentations For You!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at ATD 2019, Booth #437

Join us for insightful presentations on collaborative learning as well as Intrepid platform demonstrations. Sign up for the sessions you are interested in!


Learn Intrepid 

Intrepid platform demonstration

Intrepid’s collaborative platform is a rich experience for learners, an intuitive one for administrators, and overall an excellent way to deliver high-stakes learning to your organization. Join us for this overview of Intrepid’s key differentiating features, and learn how collaborative learning technology can impact your organization’s bottom line today. 


State of High-Stakes Learning 2019 Survey Results

We asked 1,000 learners and 400 CLOs what they think are the:

  • best modalities for high-stakes learning
  • most business-critical training topics facing their organizations
  • state of their organization’s learning culture

... and more

Join us for this summary of the survey responses. We think you’ll find it all both highly interesting and a little alarming!


What is Collaborative Learning?

There are so many terms floating around for learning modalities these days—so just what is “collaborative learning” when done online? And why is it so useful? We’ll share our definition of collaborative learning, what we heard from learners about their preferences around the idea, its application for business-critical learning topics, and the myriad ways collaborative learning can solve both learning and business challenges.


Building Communities Online

No matter where or how people gather, lively communities require three essential elements. Join us as we talk through these three keys, and how social collaboration translates to achieving learning program goals.


3 Essential “Going Digital” Questions for Training Firms

  • Is it possible for a training firm to go digital but remain “platform-agnostic”?
  • Just how do you sort through all the learning technology options out there to find the best fit for your training firm’s goals?
  • Is “going digital” a blessing or a curse?


Join us for this training provider-focused look at digital learning options and collaborative cohort-driven market opportunities.

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